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A visit to Blackpool

Becca tells us about her recent visit to Blackpool with her family.  Why is it in 2019 that we are still having to put up with second class service that no other group in Society would tolerate?  A good time had by all, but could have been so much better.  Blackpool cannot control the weather but maybe it is time they took access needs seriously.

Read Becca’s blog here My Blackpool holiday 2019

The view from Suffolk

We are asking disabled people across the County to give us blogs/vlogs on what is important to them.  It could be about what it is like for you as a disabled person in Suffolk, what your recollections are of Suffolk as a younger disabled person or how things have changed – for the better and for the not so good.

It does not have to be about disability it could be about anything that you feel is a burning issue for you.  Please send any blogs you would like to see on here to:

Let’s Make Southwold a Disability Friendly Town by Tony Smith

Tony is a disability activist living in Southwold with his wife Brenda.  Tony has taken on the task of trying to ensure his village, Reydon and Southwold are accessible to all disabled people including those with hidden impairments.  Read Tony’s blog here: Tony Smith




Progression Sessions – by Becca Jackaman

This blog is about a group for younger disabled people that operates in Ipswich.  If you are interested in the group, contact details are on the blog.

Read Becca’s blog here

Here is a blog from Kathy on her work with Suffolk Coalition of Disabled People