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Disability Liaison Groups

What are Disability Liaison Groups?

Disability Liaison Groups (or DLGs) were created to give disabled people, and their carers, a voice around issues that matter to them. Most importantly, special guests are invited to answer any burning questions they may have about their work/service!


Why did we start up these groups in Suffolk?

  • To give disabled people a voice!
  • They are a chance to meet with other disabled people and talk about topics of mutual interest.
  • To find out what’s going on in Suffolk.


What’s happening in the future?

  • Plans for future DLGs are currently on hold. We would like to hear from disabled people, and whether they want the opportunity to come together and discuss topics that are important to them, or to offer and receive peer support.


Let us know:

  • Where you would like to meet in a group – in person or online meet ups.
  • How often we should hold the Disability Liaison Groups?


To contact us about Disability Liaison Groups, and let us know what you think, email Becca at