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Disability Liaison Groups

What are Disability Liaison Groups?

Disability Liaison Groups (or DLGs) were created to give disabled people, and their carers, a voice around issues that matter to them. Most importantly, special guests are invited to answer any burning questions they may have about their work/service!


Why are we starting up these groups in Suffolk?

  • To give disabled people a voice!
  • They are a chance to meet with other disabled people, and talk about topics of mutual interest
  • To find out what’s going on in Suffolk

What have we done so far?

  • We have held one DLG in Lowestoft and two in Ipswich.
  • Our latest DLG was held on the 30th January 2019 in the Co-op Education Centre in Ipswich. The topic of the day was hate crime.
  • In the morning we discussed what disability hate crime meant to us, and what we knew about reporting it.
  • In the afternoon we were joined by special guests, Tracey Woolf from Norfolk and Suffolk Victim Care, and Inspector Rebecca Kidd-Stanton and Shub Singh (Diverse Communities Coordinator) from Suffolk Constabulary. They informed us about their services and how they support people affected by hate crime.



What’s happening in the future?

  • We plan to hold more DLGs around the county. We would like to hear from disabled people, and whether they want the opportunity to come together and discuss topics that are important to them, or to offer and receive peer support.


Let us know:

  • What issues you think we should be aware of
  • Where you would like to meet in a group
  • How often we should hold the Disability Liaison Groups?


Do you think we could do something different? If so, what are your ideas?

To contact us, and let us know what you think, email Becca at