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Suffolk Coalition of Disabled People’s purpose is to offer a robust collective voice for all disabled people. We will do this by listening to people and running a series of projects focussed on disabled people in Suffolk.

How is the Suffolk Coalition independent?

Suffolk Coalition of Disabled People is managed by a Board of Directors, the majority of whom are disabled people.  All of the Board of Directors are volunteers who want to make a difference in the lives of disabled people in Suffolk.

The coalition will endeavour to change services for disabled people by working in partnership with relevant agencies, statutory, voluntary and commercial.

Our Partners

Suffolk County Council

Our co-partnership agreement with Suffolk County Council will provide us with a platform to establish a network of organisations led by disabled people. We will work with statutory agencies as partners and equals, co-producing new ways for disabled people to be supported so that they can live independent lives and the lifestyle of their choice.

University of Suffolk

We work with the University to influence funding streams and to provide education to the next generation of service providers.

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