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W. Suffolk Local Plan

West Suffolk Council are consulting on their new local plan.  To understand what this is about and how to look at what is proposed and how you can feed in your views, they have produced a very helpful and easy to follow YouTube video which can be found here:



West Suffolk Council would love to hear the views of disabled people on the plan and on how accessible they find the consultation.  Please do feed back to the Council, contact details are below and on the YouTube video above.

The West Suffolk Local Plan Issues and Options Consultation

West Suffolk Council are preparing a new local plan, and you can Have Your Say on the West Suffolk Issues and Options Local Plan until 5pm on 22 December 2020. A local plan decides the future of West Suffolk – where new development such as housing and jobs should be located, whilst protecting the environment and preventing climate change.

What is the West Suffolk Local Plan Issues and Options Consultation?

This first stage in preparing a Local Plan is known as the Issues and Options Local Plan which comprises three parts:

Part One includes a vision for West Suffolk for the plan period to 2040 and a set of strategic objectives. It also includes a section on different types of place and sets out a new draft settlement hierarchy.

Part Two sets out issues in West Suffolk that are particularly relevant to our area, as a series of eight topics: Natural and historic environment; Housing; Transport; Retail, leisure and wellbeing; Employment; Rural communities; Climate change; and Horseracing.

Part Three contains sections for those towns, key service centres, local service centres and villages identified in the draft settlement hierarchy in part one of the plan.

Where can I view the documents and how do I respond?

Covid-19 restrictions means that we can’t run usual exhibitions in village halls, supermarkets and markets, so we have produced a virtual exhibition that is running throughout the consultation period which can be seen at

 This looks like a typical exhibition with information boards set out around a ‘room’ and the documents are available to view on a virtual table in the centre. You can Have Your Say and there is also a ‘frequently asked questions’ note that you may find helpful.

The Local Plan consultation portal is available via and you can browse this at any time but need to register in order to provide feedback. Please comment now on the questions asked within the Local Plan, as your views will help guide where growth may be located in our communities, and can shape future planning policy development in the West Suffolk area.

If you have any questions you may contact us by live chat in the virtual exhibition space on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays 10am to 12 noon and 4pm to 6pm during the consultation, or emailing or telephone 01284 757368.